Frequently Asked Questions

What is the VR&AR Pledge?

The VR&AR pledge is a commitment to respect the customer experience in our advertising efforts, and a promise to keep VR&AR free of intrusive adverts, so that the industry can thrive.

Why a pledge?

We aim to create a community of forward thinking companies aligned with our mission to rid the world of intrusive advertising, and create a better experience for everyone. The Pledge is a way to unite this community around common values to inspire conversations, spark actions, and help our industry thrive.

Who can pledge?

The VR&AR Pledge is specifically for organisations who advertise their products and services, but also agencies, media houses, VR/AR developers, and publishers. However, fitting the above criteria does not guarantee acceptance to the Pledge - founding members will review and accept new submissions on a case by case basis.

How can my company join the VR&AR pledge?

You can request a signing form which will be provided over email. We will need a short statement to understand your company's vision of advertising, a signature from a Director as well as a company stamp to approve the company as a pledger. Founding members will review and accept new submissions on a case by case basis.

What happens after my company gets accepted?

Once your company is formally approved as a pledger, you will be announced as a new member on this website, and potentially announced to the press. We ask the pledger companies to go public about joining the VR&AR pledge, and use their platform to promote it through blogging or public speaking, in an interest to draw more company to our movement.

You will receive a Pledge badge that you can display on your company website or apps. There will also be opportunities for conversations between members, as well as offline events to raise awareness about the Pledge, network within other pledgers, and exclusive offers to join industry events.

We will then expect your company to respect the commitment of the Pledge.

How is it different from the VRAR Association?

The VR&AR Pledge is created in tandem with the VRARA Advertising Committee, that the Pledge's founder co-chair. Founding members of the The VR&AR Pledge are co-chair of the VR Advertising Committee. The Pledge represents an extra step in commitment from simply being a member of the committee. Also, while the committee members might be limited to one representative per vertical, the Pledge is open for all.

How is the Pledge enforced?

It isn't. The pledge is a moral commitment, not a legal contract. However, is a pledger is in clear breach of the Pledge's value, the founding members have the discretion to remove the company from the pledgers' list.

How much does it cost to join the Pledge?

Joining the Pledge is free. We might sometimes look for voluntary sponsors to organise events to strengthen our community.

Who are the Founding Members of the VR&AR pledge?

There are 3 founding members to the VR&AR pledge: Samuel Huber, CEO at, Alexander Haque, CEO at, and Kris Kolo, Director at the VRARA.

When did the VR&AR pledge start?

The VR&AR pledge originated early 2017.

How can I get in touch?

You can use the contact form on the About page or come see us at expositions around the world.

How long will the pledge last?

Our hope is that the commitment will stay strong for the technologies of the future.